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Lenovo Has Launched Two Tablets with Google Assistant Ambient Mode, Starting at $119

Lenovo is not new to the business of tablet PCs that are equipped with digital assistant software. It launched a tablet PC that was powered by Amazon Alexa in the early stage of 2019. This device, called Lenovo Smart Tab, used to function as a normal tablet computer until you connected it to a dock. Once docked, however, the device was more like a smart display with some dedicated features. Now, Lenovo is launching two more of these smart tablet PCs. The difference, though, is that these two tablets are powered by Google Assistant, with Ambient Mode.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab and Lenovo Smart Tab M8 are the first two devices from the company to make the shift from Amazon Alexa to Google Assistant. While both devices are equally awesome, the Lenovo Smart Tab M8 packs more power and features than ever. A docking station is included in the package and docking onto this station would convert the Tab M8 into a fully-fledged Google Assistant screen. The device will not have all the functionalities we have seen in the Nest Smart Home Hub, but the major options won’t be missed by users.

Lenovo Yoga Smart Tab, which comes with a better set of specifications among the two, can also be used as a smart display. However, this one lacks the docking options and instead packs an integrated stand, which is pretty sleek if you ask us. In terms of the other specifications, the bigger tablet is powered by a Snapdragon 439 chipset and 3 or 4GB of storage and boasts USB Type C connectivity. The device has a far-reaching array of microphones as well, making them suitable for smart-display-based needs. Lenovo Smart Tab M8 has an inexpensive price tag of $119 while the other one sells for $249.

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