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FreeBuds, Huawei’s AirPods Imitator, Now Comes with Noise Cancellation

Huawei was not the first company to launch an AirPods competitor in the last years, which saw the rise of a variety of Bluetooth-powered earphones options in the market. In a rather unexpected turn, the company is adding noise cancellation support to the latest version of its AirPods imitator, FreeBuds 3. The device which has an unusual design — when compared to the other AirPods imitators out there — claims to offer a battery backup time of four hours, based on the earphones alone. When combined with the charging box, you can get around 20 hours of playback, all with noise cancellation.

It should be noted that the FreeBuds are based on an open-fit design. Users won’t be feeling the experience of complete noise cancellation, as the earphones don’t create any method to stop the flow of noise. Instead, it can help you steer away attention from low-frequency noises by optimizing the sensitivity of the voice that is produced. This is one of the reasons why the FreeBuds 3 does not have those silicon tips you might have found in other noise-cancellation earphones out there. Huawei also gives a rather unlikely explanation that it is good to listen to high-frequency noises from around, given their probable importance.

Announced during the IFA 2019 event, FreeBuds 3 is also equipped with a new chip from the company. This chip, claims the company, would help the earphones in establishing quick Bluetooth connections. The tech manufacturer also notes that the new chip can reduce power consumption in an unprecedented way. It has to be noted that the new A1 chip does not do the same job as that of the H1 chip in Apple AirPods. While H1 enables quick device pairing based on proximity, you have to visit Bluetooth settings to connect FreeBuds 3 to your device.

FreeBuds 3 is available in black and white color variants. The company has not made a word on the pricing or global availability of the same.

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