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Facebook Says It Has Plans to Remove Like Counts

Several research attempts and everyday testimonials have proven how addictive the number of likes on one Facebook post has become to the users. In light of both, Facebook is now thinking about thinking like counts from day-to-day updates. You will be able to like a Facebook post as you used to, but you would not be able to see the total number of people who have liked the post. According to updates, the feature is being tested.

Facebook is not the first platform to prevent the over-dominating effect of likes and loves. Instagram, which is currently owned by Facebook, has been testing a similar feature in seven countries including Canada for a while now. Users are shown who liked a post — through minimal profile picture icons and names — instead of displaying the total number of likes a post/video has received on the platform.

According to the information shared by a reverse engineer, namely Jane Manchun Wong, Facebook is doing almost the same. Instead of showing the total number of reactions for a post, Facebook would start showing something like, “John Doe and others.” This change is expected to help users stop themselves from a helpless comparison based on the number of likes.

Considering that even Instagram has not expanded the feature to a global level, it is not yet clear when the official Facebook app would be receiving the feature world-wide. In an interaction with TechCrunch, it also said that the feature is in the prototyping stage and that it is not available for users yet. The company didn’t say anything about how the like-removal process in Instagram has been performing.

At this point, when Instagram, Snapchat and WhatsApp have become the day-to-day platform for updates, it is not clear how such a decision from Facebook would benefit users’ mental health. It is also clear that the platform won’t roll out the feature without a sufficient amount of time spent in testing.

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